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Labz Landscaping is committed to providing the highest service quality. Have peaces of mind that your project, large or small, is in great hands. We will work with you to intregrate your your ideas and let us do the rest. We have experts on staff to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Let us take control of your landscape. We can keep it looking new and beautiful. We currently assist many businesses and residents to ensure their investment in landscaping is sustained over time.

  Landscape Design
Plant New Sod
Flower Planting
Spring Cleanup
Lawn Maintenance
Tree Cutting
Stump Removal
Plant & Trim Trees
Fall Cleanup
Hedge Trimming
Snow Plowing
Snow Removal
Snow Treatment

Landscape Design and Maintanence

Services available include lawn mowing and trimming, weed abatement, lawn dethatching and aerating, reseeding, transplanting, fertilizing, shrub trimming, and more. Don't ever underestimate the impact your landscaping has on the value of your property.

Mowing patterns will present a neat professional appearance. Trimming will be done around trees, bushes, fences, flower beds, and all raised curb areas when a mowing occurs. Concrete driveways and sidewalks will be edged with a blade edger or string trimmer. Resulting clippings and waste will be removed.


Snow Plowing and Removal

No matter what winter may bring, we will make sure your property remains safe and accessible. All of our Snow Removal Services can be customized to meet the needs of your home, commercial property, or living community.

Our professional staff of snow plow operators and snow removal technicians are dedicated to cleaning up your sidewalks and parking lots. With the latest high tech snow removal equipment at our disposal, we can clear your parking lot or driveway quickly and efficiently.